April 5, 2020
  • 5:30 pm Kaboom – Automatic Pentest Bash Script
  • 8:26 pm Archery – A Security Tool
  • 2:51 pm Commix – Automated All-in-One OS command injection and exploitation tool
  • 12:28 pm RouterSploit – Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices
  • 12:23 pm Dunkin Donuts Hacked & User Information Stolen
Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Brands Inc. in a warning presented on its site said that on Oct. 31, a malevolent performing artist endeavored to get to clients’ first and last names, email address, and additionally account data for DD Perks, Dunkin Donuts’ prizes program. That account data incorporate clients’ 16-digit DD Perks account number and DD Perks QR […]


Facebook Breach On September 28, 2018 Facebook made a press release regarding the breach in security which affected 50 million of its users. The attack took place through the “View as” option that Facebook uses to allow users to see what their profile looks like to other users. The attackers exploited that feature to steal […]


Newegg Inc. the main online computer hardware retailer, has endured a monstrous hack, with Visa information being stolen in vast numbers. It was an assault by the Magecart bunch that had caused the information rupture, including taking of Visa information utilized for client payments. Truth be told, with this assault, newegg.com discovers its place among […]


According to Jonathan Homer, chief of industrial-control-system analysis for DHS, “They got to the point where they could have thrown switches” Russia contracted hackers attacked hundreds a year ago in a goliath and long-running effort that put them inside the control rooms of U.S. electric utilities where they could have caused power outages, government authorities […]


Cryptojacking has assumed control from ransomware as the more prevalent type of computerized extorition, as per another report from Skybox Security. These outcomes were uncovered as a feature of the association’s mid-year report, and demonstrated that crypto mineworkers presently represent 32 for every penny of cyberattacks, overshadowing ransomware at 8 for each penny. This is […]


“Have I been Pwned V3” is a collection of passwords from various leaked databases. The database contains a total of 15’602’049 passwords encrypted using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm. As of 2018.07.18 the database was updated with ~95% of passwords cracked. Due to the power of current GPUs and the insecurity in peoples decisions regarding password […]

Dark Net

It is no stunner hostpital records are an ideal objective for cybercriminals. In any case, less natural is the market for hospital records of the expired on the Dark Net. For one thing, regardless of best endeavors, stolen medicinal records – of the living — available to be purchased on dark web markets remain a […]

kim dotcom

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal maintained the choice that Mr Dotcom and three others can be removed to stand preliminary for copyright encroachment and extortion. The charges are identified with Mr Dotcom’s presently dead document sharing site Megaupload, which enabled a huge number of individuals to download computerized content. Mr Dotcom and his co-denounced have […]


Detroit Police are searching for two men needed in a robbery at a service station in the 17800 block of W. Seven Mile on the city’s west side. On June 23, two men hacked a gas pump utilizing a remote gadget to take more than 600 gallons of gas Police speculate. The gadget they used […]


The Israel Defense Force (IDF) is pointing the finger at Palestinian programmers for focusing on cell phones of its fighters with a spyware covered up in one World Cup and two dating applications. The point of this battle as per IDF was to keep an eye on authorities and around 100 officers were deceived into […]