April 5, 2020
  • 5:30 pm Kaboom – Automatic Pentest Bash Script
  • 8:26 pm Archery – A Security Tool
  • 2:51 pm Commix – Automated All-in-One OS command injection and exploitation tool
  • 12:28 pm RouterSploit – Exploitation Framework for Embedded Devices
  • 12:23 pm Dunkin Donuts Hacked & User Information Stolen

This is the first a few tutorials I will be posting based on GPG. http://www.gnupg.org/ What is GNU Privacy Guard: GPG is an encryption technology. Its first version was designed in 1991 as a public cryptographic system called “Pretty Good Privacy(PGP)”. Then it got rewritten and licensed under the Gnu Public License. This new system […]