0xWPBF – WordPress Users Enumerate and Brute Force Attack


0xWPBF is an enumeration and bruteforce attack tool against WordPress

1) git clone https://github.com/0xAbdullah/0xWPBF.git
2) pip2 install mechanicalsoup
3) pip2 install PrettyTable

python 0xwpbf.py -s http://example.com
[E] Quick scan of the website to identify python 0xwpbf -s http://example.com -e users.txt
[–] The command above guesses user names on website using a list of usernames
python 0xwpbf.py -s http://example.com -u username -p password.txt -t 5
[–] -u = Target username / -p = Path of password file / -t = Number of threads

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/0xAbdullah/0xWPBF

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