3klCon Project v3.0 – Automation Recon Framework Performs 20+ Tasks and Gets All Results Into Separated Files


What’s 3klCon ?

3klCon is an Automation Recon Framework which works with medium and large scopes. It performs more than 20 task and get all results into seperated files.

So, Welcome and let’s deep into it <3

Here is the methedology and Tasks

Installation instructions

1. Befor ANY installation instruction: You MUST be the ROOT user

$ su -

2. GO Version

Your GO version must be go version go1.15.2 linux/amd64 and to check go version , If it doesn’t the same,so delete the old version and install the updated one from here


and check again!

3. GO Path

Check that the GO path in the root direcrory is /root/go/ NOT /root/go-projects or anything else

4. Install required tools (You MUST run it even if you install the used tools)

chmod +x install_tools.sh


5. Running tool (It works with python3 and python2)

python3 3klcon.py -t target.com

Required VPS or VMware structure

Don’t WORRY! All this structure the automation script install_tools will create it automatically but kindly check it after running it.

  1. In the main directory you should have /root directory and /usr/local/bin
  2. In the /root directory you must have /go/bin directory
  3. In the tool’s directory you will find tools directory after install tools_script


[+] If you face any problem in the running process, check that:

1. You logged in as ROOT user not normal user 
2. Check that you installed the GO language and this path is exist: /root/go/bin  

[+] If you face any problem with gf so kindly install it manually from install instructions from here

[+] It will take almost 5 ~ 6 hours running so be Patient or use VPS and sleep while running 🙂

[+] It will collect all the result into one directory with your target name

Tools useds

  1. 3klector
  2. crtfinder
  3. Subfinder
  4. Assetfinder
  5. Altdns
  6. Konan
  7. Httpx
  8. Waybackurls
  9. Gau
  10. Photon
  11. Gf
  12. Gf-pattern
  13. Nuclei
  14. Nuclei-templets
  15. Port_scan.sh
  16. Gitdorks.sh

Download: https://github.com/eslam3kl/3klCon

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