ArchStrike An Arch Linux Repository for Security Professionals and Enthusiasts.


Done the Arch Way and optimized for i686, x86_64, ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARMv8.

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ArchStrike is a penetration testing and security repository for users of Arch Linux, following Arch Linux standards to keep our packages clean, proper, and easy to maintain.

We do our best to maintain the repository and give users a quality ArchStrike experience.

Please contact us if issues are encountered via github, IRC, twitter, or email – we welcome feedback that helps us improve.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC): irc://


Pull request:


Please read our wiki pages before you ask something!


Contributions are welcome. You can contribute through pull requests (PRs) via our github page

Just clone our repository with git clone, make changes, and submit via a pull request.

If you have more questions regarding contribution, you can check out our wiki page about this


Q1: What’s the difference between ArchStrike and other security-based repositories?

A: We try and follow the Arch Linux standards when making our packages, so they can install or remove easily without affecting an existing Arch Linux installation. Basically, you can use the repository as an extension to your already existing Arch Linux repositories.

Q2: Where can I download an ISO/OVA file?

A: You can download the latest releases from here.

NOTE: We’re trying to consolidate our main and testing repositories while Arch Linux is in the process of meeting the Python 2 EOL timeline. So, the ISO and OVA files might be outdated.

Q3: How can I contact you?

A: See Contact Info above.

Q4: I am having trouble installing ArchStrike, can you help me?

A: Yes! Our contact information is above.


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