BlackBird – OSINT Tool To Search Fast For Online Accounts By Username Across 574 Sites



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Clone the repository

git clone
cd blackbird

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


Search by username

python -u username

Run WebServer

python --web

Access on the browser

Read results file

python -f username.json

List supported sites

python --list-sites

Use proxy

python -u crash --proxy

Show all results

By default only found accounts will be shown, however you can use the argument below to see them.

python -u crash --show-all


Blackbird can also be used with Docker.

Pull Image

docker pull p1ngul1n0/blackbird:v2

Run Webserver

docker run -p 9797:9797 p1ngul1n0/blackbird:v2 "--web"

Supported Social Networks

Most of the sites on this list were obtained through the incredible @whatsmynameproj project, don’t forget to visit and follow them . love_you_gesture

Export Report

The results can be exported as a PDF Report.


Metadata Extraction

When possible Blackbird will extract the user’s metadata, bringing data such as name, bio, location and profile picture.


Random UserAgent

Blackbird uses a random UserAgent from a list of 1000 UserAgents in each request to prevent blocking.

Supersonic speed rocket

Blackbird sends async HTTP requests, allowing a lot more speed when discovering user accounts.

JSON Template

Blackbird uses JSON as a template to store and read data.

Contributors medal_sports

I’m grateful to all contributors who improved and bugfixed the project.

Planned features

  • Implement Flask Web Server to optimize UX
  • Export results in PDF
  • Implement metadata extraction
  • Publish a docker image
  • Add unit test (Change ID to Appname, add “invalid-user” and “valid-user” params in JSON.)
  • Export results in CSV
  • Deploy on Cloud


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