Bot Bounty – Telegram Bot Built for Pentest & Bug Bounty Hunting.

bot bounty

Python Script for Telegram Bot is specially builded for pentest & bug bounty. It’s like a telegram shell.

You will be notified when your task(command line) is finished with results. This bot make long time tasks by you, taking off the need of your attention if it’s finished.

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bot bounty

Getting Started

  • Developed with Python 3.8.5

hammer Prerequisites

You need to install the Python Telegram bot api used for this bot(pyTelegramBotAPI).

$ pip3 install pyTelegramBotAPI

hiking_boot Steps to run your bot hiking_boot

Create a bot with @botfather and replace the API Token gaven by @botfather in the script at line 12:


And add the ID number(s) of the user(s) who is/are authorized at line 14:

authorizedUsers = [123456789, 987654321]

to know which is your User ID go to @userinfobot

Now just run the script:

$ python3


If your output is too large, you should save it in a file with no output.


  • \nmapadv > resultScan.txt
  • \nmapadv -oN resultScan.txt
  • \exec echo 'awesome bot!' > yesItIs.txt

Available commands

├── /start             # starts/reset the bot
│   └── Main Menu      # keyboard personalized options
│       ├── info serv
│       │   ├── Temp   # temperature of your device
│       │   ├── Hard Disk Space
│       │   ├── RAM    # info of your RAM
│       │   └── CPU    # Usage of your CPU
│       ├── ip route
│       ├── public ip
│       ├── active processes
│       ├── netstat    # by services
│       └── who        # who is logged on your device
├── /exec   # execute a command line that you give E.g.:
│           # /exec echo 'awesome bot!')
├── /amassenum  # /amassenum -> $ amass enum -d
├── /nmapadv    # /nmapadv -> $ nmap -sC -sV -Pn -p-
└── /help    # show list of commands avaibles

movie_camera Security Logger

There is a logFileBot.txt file where will log all commands sended by user(s). In addition, if it’s the case someone trying to use your bot without your authorization.


  • Drayko Esobar – If you like my work, please…

Contributors ??

  • no one until now… You can be here! 😀 Open to new commands, suggests, changes or improvements.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0


  • To Va5c0, for his previus work.


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