Citizens of Midwest City Oklahoma Banking and Credit Card Information Stolen After Utility Accounts Hacked


Officials from the City of Midwest Oklahoma made a statement today in regards to their online payment system being hacked which resulted in the information of 2000+ citizens information including credit card and banking information being exposed.

On June 21, 2018, the City of Midwest City learned that an unauthorized party gained access to the City of Midwest City’s online payment system. Upon discovery, staff
immediately began an investigation and contacted our utility payment vendor, Superion.
The vendor engaged a third-party forensic firm to determine what happened and what information may have been affected.
Preliminary reports show that during this incident,approximately 2300 people who entered information into the online payment system (Click2Gov) between May 25, 2018 and June 21, 2018 may have been accessed by the unauthorized party.
Customer payments made through the Click2Gov online application are at-risk including payments by cards stored in the Wallet.
Automatic re-occurring payments, payments made over the phone, payments made with bank accounts,and payments made in person at the office were impacted.
This information may have included customer names, billing addresses, payment card numbers, and expiration dates.
The City of Midwest City has notified law enforcement and is working to notify those affected by mail.
The vulnerability has been corrected and the Click2Gov bill payment system is back online.
A digital forensic firm is analyzing backups of the breached system and we are expecting a full report on the breach soon.[/su_quote]

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