Free Wireless Passwords For Airports Around The World

Wireless Passwords From Airports Around The World

Free Wireless Passwords for Airports

Have you been stuck in the airport and haven’t wanted to drop the bucks to get the wireless password? Then this collection was made for you.

Anil Polat a traveler and computer security enthusiast, with the help of the community, created a global Google map with pinned spots of various airports. Once clicking upon these airport pins you are presented with SSIDs and wifi passwords for the corresponding airport. This maps database is now updated by him when users submit there finds by commenting the location, SSID, and password on his article regarding this community effort.

As of this article being posted the last time the collection was updated was July 22, 2018 with a total of 326 airports.

You can find the collected airport SSIDs and Passwords here :



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