Infoga – Obtain Email Account Information From Multiple Sources


Infoga is a tool gathering email accounts information (ip,hostname,country,…) from different public source (search engines, pgp key servers and shodan) and check if emails was leaked using API. Is a really simple tool, but very effective for the early stages of a penetration test or just to know the visibility of your company in the Internet.



$ git clone
$ cd Infoga
$ python install
$ python

This script is Tested in Kali linx , Parrot os , Ubuntu os


$ python --domain --source all --breach -v 2 --report ../nsa_gov.txt
$ python --info --breach -v 3 --report ../m4ll0k.txt

Support Docker

Install Docker Linux

Install Docker

curl -fsSL | bash

To use docker you need superuser power

Build Image dirsearch

To create image

docker build -t "infoga:1" .

dirsearch this is name the image and 1 is version

Using dirsearch

For using

docker run -it --rm "infoga:1" --domain target --source all --breach -v 2

target is the site


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