Introduction to Metasploit & MSF Workspaces


Start the Metasploit console with

The first time you run Metasploit it needs to build its database and initialize all of its exploits so it will take a few minutes to initially startup.

Once Metasploit initiates you will see the “msf > ” indicating you are ready to begin.

First you can type the following to list usage options and their descriptions

Metasploit Workspaces

Metasploit has workspaces that can be used to keep track of various scans you perform on different hosts and networks. The workspace is stored as a table in the Metasploit database. This allows you to easily manage scans you may perform for various organizations.
Use the command
to view your current workspace and to ensure you will save the results as well as that you are in the correct workspace.
The initial workspace is named “default”. You can create your own workspace using the following command
workspace -a workspacename
Once you have created a new workspace you can select it as your active workspace by running
workspace workspacename

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