Kaboom – Automatic Pentest Bash Script


Kaboom is a bash script that automates the first two phases of a penetration test. All informations collected are saved into a directory hierarchy very simple to browser (also in the case of multiple targets).

Kaboom performs several tasks:

  1. Information Gathering
    • Port scan (Nmap)
    • Web resources enumeration (Dirb)
  2. Vulnerability assessment
    • Web vulnerability assessment (NiktoDirb)
    • Vulnerability assessment (NmapMetasploit)
    • Automatic Vulnerabilities research (SearchsploitMetasploit)
    • Dictionary Attacks (Hydra)
      • SSH
      • POP3
      • IMAP
      • RDP

Kaboom can be used in two ways:
Interactive mode:

kaboom [ENTER], and the script does the rest

  • NON-interactive mode:

kaboom -t <target_ip> -f <report_path> [-p one_or_more_phases]

Download: https://github.com/Leviathan36/kaboom

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