LazyRecon – Automate Reconnaissance Process


This script is intended to automate your reconnaissance process in an organized fashion by performing the following:
[*]Create a dated folder with recon notes
[*]Grab subdomains using Sublist3r and certspotter
[*]Grab a screenshot of responsive hosts
[*]Grab the response header
[*]Perform nmap
[*]Perform dirsearch
[*]Generate a HTML report with output from the tools above
[*]Color coding in report.html for easier reading
[*]Massdns subdomain discovery
[*]Massdns subdomain discovery
[*]Find dead dns records
[*]Notify for possible NS Subdomain takeover
[*]Improved reporting and less output while doing the work
[*]Find ip address space of target company

This requires Bug Bounty Hunting Tools in order for the tools to work.
This requires Massdns installed in the root directory
Get Asnlookup tool from and install it into ~/tools/
Make sure you download and unzip it before using the script the file all.txt is a huge wordlist used by massdns.

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