linuxallremote – Download Scripts and Clone Repos for Remote Exploits


because some of these repos are not tested, you have got to consider them almost untrusted! Keep your attention and run them carefully! I can not take any responsability if other developers and hackers write malicious code! Thanks


run this script, choose 400 choice, divided in categories.

  • clone your favourite repositories, other frameworks too;
  • download scripts;
  • use many common utilities (create RSA pair keys, write revshell, get DNS info, scan Bluetooth devices);
  • share folders via smb cifs and http;
  • create different types of revshells (perl, php, python, ruby, powershell);
  • paste your files in remote machine with base64 or escaped hex values;
  • download remote exploits;
  • easy-way to use THC-Hydra tool in login-attack mode with different protocols (snmp, ftp, ssh, pop3, smtp, rdp, smb, ldap2, vnc, mysql, postgresql, telnet)
  • encrypted chat-scripts (server and client);
  • intercept sms;
  • capture IMSI;
  • dump credentials from csv;
  • trace SS7;
  • phishing by mail;
  • capture packets from a specific interface in a pcap file;
  • attack ipcams and webcams;
  • utility to automatic install python3, python, ruby and make projects;
  • get and use remote exploits for Windows, Linux, Android and iOS;
  • attack ssl and tls protocols;
  • attack social media accounts;
  • wipe devices;
  • wipe or shred files;
  • shellcodes for Linux, Windows (x86 and 64) and Android;

and much more…


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