nuclei – Fast & Customizable Vulnerability Scanner Based on YAML based DSL.


Nuclei is used to send requests across targets based on a template leading to zero false positives and providing fast scanning on large number of hosts. Nuclei offers scanning for a variety of protocols including TCP, DNS, HTTP, File, etc. With powerful and flexible templating, all kinds of security checks can be modelled with Nuclei.

We have a dedicated repository that houses various type of vulnerability templates contributed by more than 100 security researchers and engineers. It is preloaded with ready to use templates using -update-templates flag.

Install Nuclei

▶ GO111MODULE=on go get -v

More installation methods can be found here.

Download Templates You can download and update the nuclei templates using update-templates flag of nuclei that downloads all the available nuclei-templates from Github project, a community curated list of templates that are ready to use. ▶ nuclei -update-templates Nuclei is designed to used with custom templates according to the target and workflow, you can write your own checks for your specific workflow and needs, please refer to nuclei templating guide to write your own custom templates.

Running Nuclei

Scanning for CVEs on given list of URLs.

▶ nuclei -l target_urls.txt -t cves/

More detailed examples of running nuclei can be found here.


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