PETEP (PEnetration TEsting Proxy) Open-Source Java Application for Network Communication Proxying


PETEP (PEnetration TEsting Proxy) is open-source Java application for network communication proxying for the purpose of penetration testing. It allows penetration testers to setup proxies and interceptors to manage the traffic transmitted between client and server.

Currently PETEP supports primarily TCP (with SSL/TLS support).

You can find out more about PETEP on the following website:


You need Java 11 or newer version to run PETEP.

Using PETEP with tools for HTTP

PETEP allows you to use your favorite tools for web penetration testing (like Burp Suite, OWASP Zap etc.) for non-HTTP traffic.



It is possible to develop extensions using Java to implement support for new protocols and/or to implement new functionality.

For more information about extension development, please see


PETEP is licensed under GNU GPL 3.0.

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