R3C0Nizer – CLI Based Menu-Driven Automated Web Application B-Tier Recon Framework


Usage clinking_glasses

git clone https://github.com/Anon-Artist/R3C0Nizer

cd R3C0Nizer

chmod +x reconizer.sh prerequisites.sh



Read Wiki its important

About superhero_man

  • R3C0Nizer is the first ever CLI based menu-driven automated web application B-Tier recon framework which install every tools and dependencies while running each modules so that the user need not to install any tools manually and R3C0Nizer is used to gather some assets/informations which should help you to the next step with latest updated, fastest and efficient tools. HAPPY HACKING.

Workflow muscle


Expecting Contributions monocle_face

R3C0Nizer is expecting contributions for improving the script such as

  • Adding more assets

Download: https://github.com/Anon-Artist/R3C0Nizer

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