rsGen – Reverse Shell Payload Generator


rsGen is a Reverse Shell Payload Generator for hacking. I write through windows batch. The main features include native command generation and variant command generation. In version 2.0, I added a tcp tunnel feature to receive shell(“-ngrok” and “-pgrok”).

I will be constantly updating this tool, if you have found any bugs or issues, please let me know via GitHub Issues and i will try my best to get it resolved quickly.


-pub  Generate a "variant command".Use this parameter,the Command will be encoded upload to the
       public pastebin website.

-lan  In some cases, the target machine cannot request an external network.This parameter will call
      mongoose.exe in the command directory(a mini web server, only 144kb, see the website:, enable a web service on the local port 80 for command request execution.
      After the end, you need to manually exit it.

-listen  Start port listening locally to receive shell that bounce back.Start port listening locally 
         to receive a shell that bounces back, Function equivalent to the netcat (call powercat.ps1).

-ngrok  Start ngrok TCP Tunnel(Contains -pub, -listen options).

-pgrok  Start pgrok TCP Tunnel(Contains -pub, -listen options).like ngrok but free and unlimited.



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