SDF – Site Directory Fuzzer

Site Directory Fuzzer

SDF has been created to automate search task of hidden directories and files on server. It’s multithreaded btw.

Simple example:

python -u

Short help

-u  The target website to scan or path to file with domains list. (Scheme required!)
-l  A file containing paths or directory with this files.
-w  Workers (threads) count. (default=10)
-d  Delay between requests. (default=0.03)
-t  Request timeout. (default=3)
-s  A file containing subdomains.
-o  A file to output.
-ua Set user-agent manually.

Extended help

You can use one url or file with list of urls:

python -u domains.txt

Also SDF can use directory as -u option with lots of files with urls:

python -u ./directory

Also you can fuzz subdomains.


python -u -s subdomains.txt

List of fuzzing paths store in files in ./pathlist directory.

It can be used with -l option:

python -u -l ./pathlist/apiDict/api.txt

Output stored in endpoints.txt by default, but it can be given manualy by -o option:

python -u -o out.txt

Optional change user-agent:

python -u -ua 31337

Setup requests:

Workers count is number of threads simultaneously runned

python -u -w 100

Request delay is how many time sleep between each requests

python -u -d 0.01

Timeout is how many time we wait server response

python -u -t 3

Full stack of commands example:

python -u ./directoryWithURLSList/ -s ./subdomainList.txt -l ./directoryWithPathLists -w 50 -d 0.03 -t 3 -o out.txt -ua 31337


To install SDF, simply use git:

git clone


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