Ticketmaster To Pay $10 Million in Fines After Hacking Competitor.


According the Department of Justice in the United States Ticketmaster, the ticket sales company, is ordered to pay $10 million in fines as a result of their conspiracy to hack their competitor. In 2013 Ticketmaster hired a former employee of the now shut down company SongKick.

Utilizing the employees previous credentials and understanding of the internal workings, executives conspired to hack the competitor. Their aim from this was to impact the performance of the business as well as steal intellectual property to bolster their own operations.

This all stemmed from a complaint filed against Live Nation, the owner of Ticketmaster, in 2015 when the hacked company alleged anti trust violations. Two years later in 2017 they updated their allegations to add that Ticketmaster had illegally access their systems and internal applications.

For now this $10 million fine is the result of a deferred prosecution agreement to cover the 5 criminal counts directed at Ticketmaster related to the case.

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