Trainig – Web Application Penetration Testing



  • Docker
  • docker-compose


  • Webgoat: localhost:8080/WebGoat
  • DVWAP: localhost:8081
  • bwapp: localhost:8082/install.php
  • Juice-Shop: localhost:8083

Usage mode.

git clone
docker-compose up -d


Creating network "cwapt_default" with the default driver
Creating dvwap     ... done
Creating juiceshop ... done
Creating bwapp     ... done
Creating webgoat   ... done

‘docker-compose ps’

➜  TWAPT git:(deploy) ✗ docker-compose ps
  Name                 Command               State               Ports             
bwapp       /                          Up      3306/tcp,>80/tcp
dvwap       /                         Up>80/tcp          
juiceshop npm start   Up>3000/tcp        
webgoat     java ...   Up>8080/tcp        

Stoping the services

‘docker-compose stop or docker-compose down’

Docker Install

To run Railsgoat with Docker you must first have Docker and Docker Compose installed. Once those dependencies are installed, cd into the Railsgoat directory where you’ve cloned the code and run. Rails requires Compose 1.6.0 or above and require a Docker Engine of version 1.10.0 or above.

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose run web rails db:setup
$ docker-compose up
  Creating railsgoat_web_1
  Attaching to railsgoat_web_1


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