Utopia Linux Post Exploitation Framework


About Utopia Framework

Utopia Framework is a Linux post-exploitation framework that exploits 
Linux SSH vulnerability to provide a shell-like connection. Utopia 
Framework can be used to easily master Linux SSH exploitation.

Getting started

Utopia installation

cd utopia

chmod +x install.sh


Utopia uninstallation

cd utopia

chmod +x uninstall.sh


Utopia Framework execution

To run Utopia Framework you should 
execute the following command.


Why Utopia Framework

  • Simple and clear UX/UI.
Utopia Framework has a simple and clear UX/UI. 
It is easy to understand and it will be easier 
for you to master the Utopia Framework.
  • A lot of different modules.
There are a lot of different modules for SSH 
exploitation in Utopia Framework such as 
ssh_exec_noauth and ssh_shell_noauth.
  • Simple SSH exploitation.
Utopia Framework makes mastering 
Linux SSH exploitation very easily. 


Download: https://github.com/entynetproject/utopia

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