WPvSCAN – Scan WordPress CMS and Plugin Version


WPvSCAN scans the version of CMS WordPress on the target website and compares it with the most recent version. After that, it also offers the option of listing all know exploits using SearchSploit tool by Offensive Security.


wpvscan.py domain.com


Pip dependencies

Necessary python dependencies should be installed with following command.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Python 3.7

Whole script is written in Python 3.7., which is recommended for best functionality. Something might not work well in older versions. Python is free to download from official website for all platforms.


Script offers exploits for found version of WordPress. SearchSploit could be install from official GitHub repository.

Help & issues

If you have any question, ideas or issues, you can report them through Issues.

Download: https://github.com/cyb3rd3s/WPvSCAN

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